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Features and specifications

Brand: Xiaomi / Xiaomi
Model: Xiaomi electric aerator
Power mode: Battery






Mis inflatable treasure
Portable electric air pump
Digital tire pressure detection I pre-set pressure charging and stopping built-inlithium battery I multi
purpose for one machine


Challenge and ride
No fear of high pressure, easy handling of bicycle tires
The hioh-precision alloy die-casting cylinder can be Easily pressurized 150ps, which can meet the
inflation force required by road bikes, and can also inflate common bicycle tires


The choice of peace of mind
Monitor tire pressure at any time to deal with emergencies
There is a big temperature difference in four seasons, so it is necessary to check and adjust the tire
pressure regularly. Too low or too high tire pressure can cause safety hazards. For example, if the tire
pressure is insufficient due to an accidental puncture and jogging, emergency inflation can help you
get out of trouble.


Say goodbye to complexity and take your time
Precision inflation, technology in motion
Inflate the ball without repeated inspection by pressing. Precisely inflate once to the right pressure, to
help you enjoy the passion and sweat on the court


Dynamic and static compartment
safe and durable
The small body takes into account the excellent heat dissipation, the shock pad can reduce the working
vibration of the cylinder, and the hand-held operation is more comfortable 18650 power lithium battery,
excellent power supply and endurance


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