Upgraded 3.0MHz Doppler Fetal Heart rate Monitor Home Pregnancy Baby Fetal Sound Heart Rate Detector LCD Display No Radiation

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Upgraded version 3.0Mhz!!!

Upgraded version 3.0Mhz!!!


Doppler Fetal&Baby Heart Rate Detector Monitor With 3.0Mhz Probe Medical Ultrasound Pregancy LCD Curve Display No Radiation


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Product information:


* The pocket fetal doppler detector is a hand-held obstetrical unit, which is applicable to clinic and home for daily self-check by pregnant women.

* It contains components of an ultrasonic signal transmitter and receiver, an analog signal processing unit, FHR calculating unit, 2 screens optional, etc.

* Calculating FHR with DSP techniques as used in the fetal heart monitor, ensure the FHR accuracy and reliability.


Advantages of fetal doppler:


1)3.0 Mhz Waterproof probe

High sensitivity of the probe, 12~16weeks can hear fetal heartbeat .

2)LCD digital screen

Light screen , the digital display is more clearer .

3) Two model shows

Press the left button , switch two model shows .

4)No radiation

After tested , Seldom no radiation .

5)Turn off automatically

No operation automatically turn down within 60S.


Parameters of fetal doppler :


Probe frequency

3.0 MHz plusmn10%

Error range

plusmn 2bpm

Rate display range


Validity period

5 years


130mm (L)*100mm(W) *36mm(H)




2*AA ( battery without )





Q: When can use this pocket fetal doppler detector hear baby heartbeat ?

A: Some Pregnant woman can heard baby hearbeat in 12weeks , most of Pregnant can heard in 16 weeks .

Q: What is Normal fetal heart rate ?

A: 120-160bpm / min .

Q: How to find fetal heart ?

A : Within 20 weeks , near the pubis in the midline of the abdomen.

21 weeks -30 weeks, near the left and right of the navel .

Over 31 weeks, Above and the navel .

Q: What fetal heartbeat sounds like ?

A: It sounds like ldquo hong -hong ldquo just like a train voice.


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