Karadar STR G820 Radar Detectors Led 2 in 1 Radar Detector for Russia with GPS Car Anti Radars Police Speed Auto X CT K La

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1. X,K,Ultral-X,Ultra-K-band,Strelka and Laser detection

2. Ublox 8 high sensitive GPS and GLONASS Receiver

3. VG-2 invisible

4. False alerts protection

5.  Smooth Volume Control

6.  2.4  inch LED Display,DIM mode


8.  Display brightness levels

9.  Mute mode

10. Preloaded GPS data base



The G-820STR Radar/Laser Detector

12V Power Charger

Windshield Mounting set

Operation Manual

USB Cable



Frequency operation:

X-Band (10525GHz +/-50MHz)

K-Band (24.150GHz +/-100MHz)

Laser Band (800nm~1100nm)

Strelka detection (24.125GHz)




1.Power button

2.DARK button

3.UP button

4.DOWN button

5.LED display

6.Power cord input jack

7.Radar antenna/ laser lens

8.Usb Jack


1.Can not detect radar ?


a. please check the mode , there is 4 mode , city 1,city2, Auto and Highway mode. 
For the city 1,city2 , there is some bands be closed . auto mode . when your speed is more than 40km/h , it will alarm . for the high way mode, it will alarm all kinds camera . 
b. some radar is not work . so , the anti radar is not work . 
c. not 100% radar could alarm .our anti radar could work with 90% cameras . strength of the radar signal, the distance of the alarm  is not fixed . so , please not stop there waiting the anti radar alarm . you can driving and cross the camera , and make video .
d. please check , if you use the USB port charge it (the radar board is not working if you charge by USB port ).
2 How many km it can detect ?
a. For the fixed camera , it will alarm you about 600m .
For the mobile camera , it alarm from 10--800m . because the fixed camera signal strength is different, and the test position is not the same.
3.Can not get GPS signal ?
a. The first time , it will need 3mis to get GPS sigal .
b. Explosion-proof membrane on your car glass,you can take it out of your car . please do not choose this product.
c. In building , it will not get signal . 
4. How offen update the GPS base?
a . we also update the data 4 month . you can contact us or visit our website . 
5. How many days I can get it?
a. after you payment , we will send out in 48hours . general , you should get it in 30 days . if you can not get it in 30 days , please open the dispute . 
6. What can we do if met problems ?
a. please contact with us . if you have video , you can send from whatsapp ,we will do our best to solve your problems . 
 if the products with problems , we will change a new one or full return , we will bear the shipping cost for send back . 
 if you choose dispute , please waiting aliexpress result.
Which Country it can work ? which country we can use ?
Our radar just have Russian . it could wor in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.
If you use it in  Spain ,France,Poland, United States, Korea an so on , please do not order it.