for samsung 18650 batteries 3300mah INR18650 3.7V Rechargeable batteries Li ion lithium ion 18650 30a large current 18650VTC7

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18650 battery for liitokala 18650

Item specifics

18650 Rechargeable Battery INR18650 batteries Li ion 3.7V 3300mAh 

Brand: Lanzhd

Is customized: yes

Type: Li-Ion

Nominal Capacity: 3300mAh

Standard Capacity: 3000mAh-3400mAh

Model Number: 18650

Nominal Voltage: 3.7v

Size: 18*18*65mm


Product Description

 18650 3300mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery

Standard Voltage: 3.6V-3.7V

Charge Voltage: 4.20+/-0.03V

Discharge Cut off Voltage: 3.0V

Height: 65.0+/-1.0mm (2.56in)

Reference Weight: 45g-47g (1.66oz) per cell

Length: 65mm, Diameter: 18mm

Quantity: 8PCS (lot), 10PCS (lot), 12PCS (lot), 16PCS (lot), 24PCS (lot), 40PCS (lot)


instructions Because of the influence of temperature and environment, battery capacity will change, there will be 100-200mAh capacity difference. Product attributes and details clearly describe the battery capacity range, mindful customers do not purchase. Any questions can be sent us the message directly When you receive the battery,or If the arrival time has not received the battery, also send us the information for inquiry please ,If the battery is not received in excess of time, we will compensate for this!