Bicycle Repair Tools Mountain Bike Multitool For Shimano Crank Invisible Tool Set Portable Kit

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This is a tool that can be hidden inside the crankshaft, which can be with you all the time.

When you need it, you can have it right away.

Which uses high-quality steel shaft Neodymium magnet adsorbed above, to prevent loss during cycling.

This is a great invention, buy it right away and you can have it.

It is compatible with most steel shaft sprocket wheels on the market.

Compatible with: shimano M985 M980 M970 M9020 M9000 M8000 M7000 M6000 M820 M590 M591 M660 M610 M612 M615 M627 M640 M670 M675 M770 M780 M785

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