Baby Hat Helmet Safety Protective Kids Learn To Walk Anti Collision Panama Children Infant Protection Cap For Boys Girls

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Baby Hat Helmet Kids Safety Learn To Walk 1PCS Panama Children Protection Anti Collision Children's Cap For A Boy Girls


Name: Infant Protective Hat
Applicable Scope: wore by infant when learning to crawl, learning to walk and playing
Filling:Multi-functional foaming material IXPE
Main Function: With the function of damping and cushioning, it can avoid or mitigate damage to the head when the head of infant is collided.
Washing Method: Hand Wash   Do Not Bleach  Do Not Dry Clean   Do Not Iron    Do Not Wring   Dry In Hat
(1)   This protective hat can’t be used as professional safety helmet, so please use the professional safety helmet when riding on a bicycle, electric bike and motor bicycle and playing outdoors.
(2)    The infants shall be taken care of by adults even with this protective hat.
(3)   It shall not be pressed by other goods and shall be kept away from heat source.
(4)   Our protective hat is soft and comfortable, but some infants still would not like to wear it. It doesn’t need to worry about it, because they will get used to it after several times.
A most recent investigation shows that: the nervous system and brains of infants are incomplete and relatively fragile, and their brain tissues are floating in the cranial cavity and not so fixed. Therefore, when their heads are colliding with something or being shaken or thrown fiercely, the brain tissues are likely to collide with the empty skull and result in brain damage. Though such damage will not show obvious symptoms in appearance, it may result in mental decline in adulthood. Therefore, it is very important for infants to wear “toddler helmets”.
type 1
size:head circumference of 43cm to 53cm
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material: cotton + high elasticity environmental sponge
size: head circumference of 44cm to 53cm
package :1pcs
1. There might be slight color difference due to the monitor/screen settings of computers or other electronic devices.
2. With the difference in the measurement method, please allow 1-3cm in size deviation (1cm=0.39 inch). Thanks for your understanding!!
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