70mai Car Vacuum Cleaner Wireless Light Weight Handheld 70mai Auto Vacuum Cleaner 5000Pa Strong Suction for Car Home Useage

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New Come 70mai Car Vacuum Cleaner 70mai Handheld Car Cleaner Mini Auto Cleaner Wireless Light Weight for Coche and Home Useage

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1.Why can't the vacuum cleaner work when charging?
For safety reasons, it will not work when it is charging. When it is fully charged, it can be used normally after disconnecting. This is not the quality problem of the product.
2.Starting the vacuum cleaner does not respond?
Due to the long time of international logistics transportation, please check the battery level of the product when you receive the product. If there is no power, please charge it for 2 hours and then start it.
3.Can HEPA be washed with water?
Do not wash the HEPA filter unit with water. Clean it with a brush or paper towel.
4.The noise of the vacuum cleaner mainly comes from three aspects:
Pneumatic noise, mechanical noise and electromagnetic noise, and the motor is a series-excited motor, the speed is in the range of 20,000 to 25,000 rpm, so the noise is relatively large.
5.What is the vacuum degree of the vacuum cleaner?
The degree of vacuum is another important indicator of the vacuum cleaner. The larger the degree of vacuum, the greater the suction power.